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i finished the first autumn forest glove yesterday. knitting gloves is really fun and very rewarding since they knit up so quickly. one down, one to go, as they say. i don’t have very much to write about this at the moment (other than i’m very pleased with the result so far), so i’ll leave you with some photos:

glove no 1 finished
autumn forest glove no 1

my first autumn forest glove
i think the colours turned out great

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well, naturally, i make chutney.

apples from my mum’s garden


cooking chutney
apples, onions, ginger, cinnamon and other nice things


cooling off
it has to cool off, of course


apple chutney
ready to consume. with a good stilton cheese, for example

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never enough

i’ve mentioned before that just can’t get enough of knitting, and wearing, scarves. i happened to be in uppsala yesterday, and i just had to sneak into yll o tyll, a wonderful yarn shop. they have lots of lovely things on display, but the thing i fell for was ta-da! a scarf.

scarf at Yll o Tyll in Uppsala
i’ve borrowed this photo from yll o tyll’s web site

it’s knitted in the round on 3 mm circulars (40 cm). i don’t have any that are 40 cm, so i’ll use dpns instead. i will not use as many colours as the original scarf, i’ve settled for these colours:

scarf yarn
drops alpaca

i must be in a strange phase, i don’t even like yellow! but i think this scarf will be absolutely wonderful. and alpaca is really wonderfully soft.

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ravel me

i don’t remember how i found out about it. i don’t remember when i found out about it. but after i’d decided to sign up, there was a long and painful three month waiting. and it was worth it.

if you haven’t already; sign up to ravelry now. if you’re already there, i’d love to know about it! my user name is katarina.

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you might remember that i’ve promised never to join another knit-a-long (or sew-a-long) or anything resembling one. however tempting, i always mess is it up. i can never follow one, it’s almost like i jinx whatever project i’m supposed to be working on. so. i’m not joining socktober, but i do think socktober is a wonderful initiative, so to honour that i’ve cast on for a pair of log cabin socks by anne woodbury. you can find the pattern in one of my favourite knitting books: handknit holidays. if you’re interested in the socktoberfest, you can find more information on hostess lolly’s blog. there’s also a flickr group and a ravelry group.

Log Cabin Socks

i already had a lovely blue yarn in my stash for this project. the pattern is easy to follow and it knits up very quickly. i’m using double pointed needles size 3.5 mm, but the pattern for the women’s size sock actually states 3.75 mm needles. well, i don’t have 3.75 mm, so i’m hoping 3.5 mm will be ok. i suppose i could have used 4 mm (and perhaps i should, they will be quite tight) but i really dislike socks with a loose fit, so i went for 3.5 mm in the end. but they’re fun to knit, i can easily see myself knitting several pairs of log cabin socks!

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