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i am constantly amazed at all the wonderful people i’ve come into contact with since i started knitting. there are some really, cool, generous, inspirational funny people out there. and they’re knitters. this probably comes as no surprise. what may be surprising is how many of us there are and quite what an impact we can make!

these past weeks have come up with some very interesting numbers.

in september brenda dayne who hosts the cast-on podcast reported that she had had over one m i l l i o n downloads. one. million. one million, can you imagine? and last week, ravelry, the super duper fantastic and cool knitting community and knitting resource site, passed the amazing number 200 000. and i mean 200 000 users! let it sink in, there are over two hundred thousand knitters and crocheters out there using ravelry! and new ones sign up every day.

another fabuluos piece of news came from the knitting queen herself. stephanie pearl-mcphee a.k.a. the yarn harlot, happily informed her readers that her latest book, “free-range knitter” made the new york times best seller list! how cool is that! my sincere congratulations to you, stephanie! i missed her when she was in london, but my friend catrin was there!

well, there you go. soon we’ll take over the world. and wrap it in wool.

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well, we did it

Me and Stefan
autumn wedding

on saturday, october 11th 2008, stefan and i got married. we did it in almost total secrecy, we only invited two of our closest friends as witnesses. the wedding took place on svartsö, an island in the stockholm archipelago. since autumn is my favourite season we wanted to get married in october when the vibrant colour display of autumn is in full swing.

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autumnal delights

most of the time we knitters don’t knit because we need something. it’s far easier, quicker, and most often cheaper to just go out and buy a pair of mittens, a scarf, a jumper or what ever we use to keep warm. but sometimes i do believe we knit because of need. and i’m not talking about the need to be creative or the satisfaction of making something by yourself, that’s a different need. for instance; i really, really need the jumper i’m working on right now, and i want to finish it as soon as possible! hang on, according to my previous statement, why can’t i just go to a shop and buy a jumper if i need one? because this very jumper is not available in any shops! i simply can’t find the type of clothing i want in shops! sure, some of it. if i could afford to buy all my clothes at nygårdsanna, i probably would, but i don’t. and even though yarn and fabric is expensive, it’s still not as expensive as the clothes i could consider buying. my sewing skills, however, are not so very advanced, which means that i will have to continue to buy clothes of the rack. but i’m fairly skilled at knitting by now and can make most of the things i need. it takes longer, no doubt, but i thinkt it’s worth it. of course i have bought machine knitted jumpers lately, too, when i gave in and realised that i would not finish one in time for the chilly season. but i often regret it afterwards. why did i buy that jumper? do i need it? and from h&m! quality is poorer, it has been transported half way around the globe and i know nothing of the conditions the people who made it are working under.

we are all aware of what’s happening to our planet, and more and more people see the benefits of shopping locally produced food. but what about all the other stuff? clothes, toys, furniture? i feel more and more disgusted by the way most of us live today, including myself. shop ’til you drop. let’s face it, the only power we have as individuals, except for voting, is our power as consumers. where we choose to spend our money. where do you spend your money? who benefits from it? who are you supporting with your money? well, i have decided to be much more careful with who i’m giving my support to in form of money. which in one way means more yarn and less ready-made clothes. doesn’t that sound like a good equation? which brings be back to my earlier point, i really need to finish that jumper if i want to have a nice, warm, and above all: stylish! article of clothing this fall. and there are fringe benefits: it’s an original, i will have the only one in existance and i had the fun of knitting it myself.

here it is, in all of its unfinished glory:

the aston jumper
aston jumper

i have also made some progress on my maple scarf:

my maple scarf
maple scarf

the cotton bolero i had to finish in time for a friends wedding was almost finished, i didn’t have time to complete the crocheted edgings, but i wore it anyway. it turned out a little too big, so my plan is to wash it in the washing mashine before finishing the edges, i hope that will do the trick. one reason for the size was the time issue. i didn’t have time to block properly, so i ironed the pieces instead and then pressed them a little too vigorously… it looks a bit sad and wonky at the moment, but i have hopes for its glorious return as a successful fo!

wonky bolero
wonky bolero

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