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ships* everywhere

i’ve spent two wonderful weeks in uk. one week in cornwall and one week in scotland. it was very difficult to muster any enthusiasm to go home, i can tell you. i had a wonderful time. all the time. oh, i’ve been to england many times, but never to cornwall or scotland. i couldn’t possibly say which parts i loved best, all i know is that all the places that i visited during these two weeks, i will visit again! i didn’t buy much yarn, although i did find some nice yarns here and there, because most of it you can get over the internet. but i did buy two small skeins of the locally produced yarn from shilasdair when i visited isle of skye. i bought it at the tourist information shop in portree, because it was difficult to get to shilsdair without a car.

shilasdair yarn
aran yarn from shilasdair

by chance i happened upon a rowan yarn sale when i was in edinburgh, everything on sale was at half price, so i bought a whole bag (10 skeins) of rowan ryc cashcotton in a lovely yellow-green colourway. it will probably make a nice soft jumper some day

rowan rcy cashcotton
rowan ryc cashcotton

what i really loved about both cornwall and scotland was that there were sheep everywhere. we travelled by train, so we did get to see a lot of the countryside. i don’t know if most sheep are kept for the meat of for the wool, but i did see a fair amount of sheep that had obviously been sheared, so i suppose that some of them are kept for the sake of the wool. i tried to take photos of them, but it’s not so easy sometimes when the train is speeding by qiute fast. here is one attempt:

scottish sheep

beeing a huge harry potter buff i was obviously thrilled to ride the train over the glenfinnan viaduct! when we arrived at mallaig the jacobite steam train (used in the films) was waiting at the station, so i took some photos of that too:

the “harry potter” viaduct

the jacobite steam train

*in the unlikely event that you aren’t a terry pratchett fan: “ships” is the plural of “sheep” in the nac mac feegle lingo in his books about tiffany aching (which are his best works ever written, in my opinion)

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this turned out to be quite a nice little bolero. i think it will look better together with a nice dress, but these photos will have to do.

me and my new bolero
the elspeth bolero

pattern: elspeth from rowan 37
designer: laura long
yarn: ecobomull from marks & kattens
yarn source: marias garn
needles: 4 mm
crochet hook: 3,5 mm
modifications: none

the intended yarn for this project is really rowan calmer, but i’ve knitted with that yarn before and wanted to try something else. also, the yarn i chose is more eco-friendly, so i thought i’d give it a try. it’s ok to knit with, but i’m not crazy about it. it is soft to the touch on the ball, but i think it knits up a fairly stiff fabric. it’s also quite heavy, so it might not be a good substitute yarn for calmer in other projects. calmer is a lot more elasic than this yarn (which isn’t elastic at all), so i needed to go down from size 5 mm needles to 4 mm needles. it was fairly easy and fun to knit, but i’m not 100 % satisfied with the shape of the garment. the crocheted edge tend to flare a bit, too. i suppose i cuold have used a smaller crochet hook, but the yarn is quite thick and my crocheting skills are really at beginner level, so i went with the intended size. all in all, i’m quite happy with it anyway, but i don’t know how much i’ll use it. i have a lovely summer dress that has a bit of 50’s look to it, that this would look great together with, so the next time i want to wear that dress, i have a nice little bolero to go with it.

here are some more photos:

elspeth bolero
detail of lace pattern and sleeve

back of bolero
and this is the back

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