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yes, it’s here now

i do love autumn, as many of you know, for a great number of reasons. but there is something i love almost as much. or perhaps just as much. and that’s winter. i could live with september to february all year round. and during this time there’s christmas. i can’t even begin to describe how much i love christmas. and there’s no religious reason at all for this. i just love the feeling, the food, the lights, the music and the… mood. if autumn is a time for calming down and for reflection, christmas it a time when time itself comes to a halt. and christmas has all but arrived arrived already. i don’t mind. at all.

this is what christmas lookes like in my home town right now:


sergels torg
sergels torg


the oldest department store, and the still the fanciest, Nordiska Kompaniet (NK), has a tradition of making a spectacular (sometimes popular and sometimes critizised) christmas display. this year’s display feels very traditional, which i don’t mind at all, and it’s always a bit of an event to go and see their christmas displays. this year was no exception:

nordiska kompaniet




watching the christmas displays

and this is what it looked like in 1936:

julskyltning på NK 1936

thank you so much swedish public television (svt) for making this old clip available!

friday is after work day, of course, and my dear friend catrin and i had a pint (three actually) at our local watering hole where they’d also put up their christmas decorations.

tudor arms
christmas decorations at tudor arms

tudor arms
busy friday at tudor arms

i also visited the first christmas market of the season today, but more about that tomorrow!

tomorrow, i have two important events to attend. the first is the grand opening of my friend ivar‘s exhibition of knitting at marias garn, don’t miss it! after that me and stefan will attend a christening  of one of my best friend’s daughter at the saint george church (s:t görans kyrka) here in stockholm.

now i’ll leave you with a pint of julmust in my lovely ravelry pint glass! i’m going to spend the rest of the evening listening to my gigantic christmas music playlist at spotify and knit. with a glass of julmust and a cheese and (homemade) chutney sandwich!


happy knitting!

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glorious november!

no, i’m not being ironic, i really do love this time of year. the rain is pouring down outside, the wind is blowing, most trees have lost their leaves, it gets dark really early… all these things makes it wonderful to stay indoors!

that means that i have time to:


made from mum’s recipe

explore ravelry and listen to spotify whilst wating for the bread to bake in the oven


knit, of course!

back of slip over
progress, now with different size knitting needles

and cuddle sleepy cats

fritz and laban

can life get any better?

just a short while ago, our balcony looked like this:

my halloween pumpkins
my halloween pumpkins

and now it looks like this:

winter lights

thank you everyone for your nice comments on my tea time cardigan! you are all so sweet!

happy knitting!

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tea time cardigan

the satisfacion of actually finishing something is enormous! last week when i’d weaved in all ends and tried on my new cardigan i felt an incredible sense of acomplishment. it actually fits! perhaps i shouldn’t sound so surprised, but i am. sometimes i am still amazed that i can actually create wearable things.

tea time cardigan
tea time cardigan

pattern: “tea time” from rowan classic summer, book 11
designer: martin storey
yarn: rowan ryc cashcotton dk
colourway: apple
yarn source: jenners in edinburgh
needles: 3 mm and 4 mm
modifications: i added one extra row at the beginning of both fronts, back and sleeves. i also made three quarter sleeves instead of short ones. i made slightly larger buttonholes, because i wanted larger buttons than the pattern called for.

back of cardigan
back of cardigan

the yarn is very nice and soft to knit with but to wear it turns out to be a total disaster. it pills like mad, i have to pick long worms of fluffy pill off of it after each time i’ve worn it. i’ve worn it about four times since i finished it and it has already started to stretch out of shape. it’s fanastically soft and comfortable to wear, must be a dream for people who doesn’t like rougher yarns, but i will not buy this yarn again. i still have three balls left and will probably use them for baby clothes for one of my friends’ little toddlers. must be perfect for babies, it’s fairly warm and doesn’t itch at all.

posing in my new cardigan
posing in my new cardigan

the pattern is fairly easy, but of course it might take some effort to make all ribbed edgings look nice and even. if i were to knit this pattern again, i would make one other modification: i would make the buttonholes on row three, not four, on the buttonhole band. altogether it’s a very nice pattern with a nice fit.

i will definitely continue wearing it, as i said, it’s very nice and soft and fairly warm. i really like the colour, too, but it’s highly unlikely that i will use this yarn again for adult clothes.

a detail of the buttons

and one final photo:

finished tea time cardigan
cardigan in rowan ryc cashcotton dk

happy knitting!

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a week ago i cast on for a slipover (vest) in a lovely brown shetland yarn by bc garn. i made a swatch, like i always do, washed it and blocked it to be sure that the finished thing would be the exact right size. so far so good. the thing is that quite often my gauge changes while knitting. it gets looser. it’s as if my hands start to relax after while and then my knitting gets looser. this is really not a good thing if you want your knitted clothes to come out in the intended size. i started out with 52,5 cm at the beginning of the back piece, and after a while, the width of my knitting now measures 55 cm. i was supposed to have 24 stitches to 10 cm, and it’s now 23 stitches to 10 cm. that doesn’t sound like it would make such a huge difference, but it does. it’s made the back piece 2,5 cm (1 inch) wider that it’s supposed to be. terribly annoying. no choice but to start ripping…

anyway, i hope it will turn out nice in the end. here’s what i’m aiming at:


argyle slipover
argyll slipover for stefan

and this is what it looks like when i’m trying to figure out my gauge:


checking my gauge
checking my gauge

i have a finished object, by the way, i’ll try to take some photos of it later today.

happy knitting!

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yarn experiences across the pond

i spent almost two weeks in usa about a month ago, everyone at my office went there for a seminar. a good opportunity to take a few days vacation and have some fun also! and any journey is an opportunity to do some yarn spotting of course, and i brought some real goodies with me home. in saratoga springs (upstate new york) i came across a wonderful yarn shop called saratoga needle arts which i recommend whole heartedly. they had lost of nice yarn, but i especially fell for a locally produced yarn which apparently is producd by the woman who owns the shop! the breeds sheep and the spisd the wool, isn’t that just wonderful! it’s a lovely grey wool, and i have some ideas about making a top down raglan, but i haven’t decided on the details yet. here’s the yarn:

grey wool from saratoga needle arts
romney cross wool from edge of yonder farms

there’s even a photo of the lovely sheep from which the wool was shorn

after saratoga springs, we went to boston, where i met up with stefan, but i unfortunately did not have the opportunity to visit any yarn shops there. but, after that we went to new york and one of the things at the top of my list was of course to visit purl! where i ended up with these lovely yarns:

five hanks of rittenhouse by manos del uruguay

two hanks of solid coloured koigu

two hanks of variagated koigu

a bag of goodies from purl
and the whole lot in a lovely tote bag from purl!

i also visited brooklyn general store in, well, brooklyn, of course! i didn’t buy any yarn there, but i found two lovely books by elizabeth zimmerman. classics than no knitter can do without! i just love her writing! the booklet by jared flood was purchased at saratoga needle arts. i really like his patterns, and he is such a brilliant photographer.

my new knitting books
lovely knitting books

i have loads of photos from my journey and i did see a lot of other things a part from yarn, of course, but for now i’ll leave you with the lovely yarns that now grace my stash!

happy knitting!

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