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yarn experiences across the pond

i spent almost two weeks in usa about a month ago, everyone at my office went there for a seminar. a good opportunity to take a few days vacation and have some fun also! and any journey is an opportunity to do some yarn spotting of course, and i brought some real goodies with me home. in saratoga springs (upstate new york) i came across a wonderful yarn shop called saratoga needle arts which i recommend whole heartedly. they had lost of nice yarn, but i especially fell for a locally produced yarn which apparently is producd by the woman who owns the shop! the breeds sheep and the spisd the wool, isn’t that just wonderful! it’s a lovely grey wool, and i have some ideas about making a top down raglan, but i haven’t decided on the details yet. here’s the yarn:

grey wool from saratoga needle arts
romney cross wool from edge of yonder farms

there’s even a photo of the lovely sheep from which the wool was shorn

after saratoga springs, we went to boston, where i met up with stefan, but i unfortunately did not have the opportunity to visit any yarn shops there. but, after that we went to new york and one of the things at the top of my list was of course to visit purl! where i ended up with these lovely yarns:

five hanks of rittenhouse by manos del uruguay

two hanks of solid coloured koigu

two hanks of variagated koigu

a bag of goodies from purl
and the whole lot in a lovely tote bag from purl!

i also visited brooklyn general store in, well, brooklyn, of course! i didn’t buy any yarn there, but i found two lovely books by elizabeth zimmerman. classics than no knitter can do without! i just love her writing! the booklet by jared flood was purchased at saratoga needle arts. i really like his patterns, and he is such a brilliant photographer.

my new knitting books
lovely knitting books

i have loads of photos from my journey and i did see a lot of other things a part from yarn, of course, but for now i’ll leave you with the lovely yarns that now grace my stash!

happy knitting!

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