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yes, it’s here now

i do love autumn, as many of you know, for a great number of reasons. but there is something i love almost as much. or perhaps just as much. and that’s winter. i could live with september to february all year round. and during this time there’s christmas. i can’t even begin to describe how much i love christmas. and there’s no religious reason at all for this. i just love the feeling, the food, the lights, the music and the… mood. if autumn is a time for calming down and for reflection, christmas it a time when time itself comes to a halt. and christmas has all but arrived arrived already. i don’t mind. at all.

this is what christmas lookes like in my home town right now:


sergels torg
sergels torg


the oldest department store, and the still the fanciest, Nordiska Kompaniet (NK), has a tradition of making a spectacular (sometimes popular and sometimes critizised) christmas display. this year’s display feels very traditional, which i don’t mind at all, and it’s always a bit of an event to go and see their christmas displays. this year was no exception:

nordiska kompaniet




watching the christmas displays

and this is what it looked like in 1936:

julskyltning på NK 1936

thank you so much swedish public television (svt) for making this old clip available!

friday is after work day, of course, and my dear friend catrin and i had a pint (three actually) at our local watering hole where they’d also put up their christmas decorations.

tudor arms
christmas decorations at tudor arms

tudor arms
busy friday at tudor arms

i also visited the first christmas market of the season today, but more about that tomorrow!

tomorrow, i have two important events to attend. the first is the grand opening of my friend ivar‘s exhibition of knitting at marias garn, don’t miss it! after that me and stefan will attend a christening  of one of my best friend’s daughter at the saint george church (s:t görans kyrka) here in stockholm.

now i’ll leave you with a pint of julmust in my lovely ravelry pint glass! i’m going to spend the rest of the evening listening to my gigantic christmas music playlist at spotify and knit. with a glass of julmust and a cheese and (homemade) chutney sandwich!


happy knitting!

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