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saturday night

saturday night is very glamourous in my flat: i’m unravelling old ufo’s and washing yarn.

washing yarn
wet wool

while i’m waiting for it to dry i’m knitting another hat.

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selbu modern

sometimes i’m really desperate to finish something. mostly because i’m eager to start something new. this time it was for two reasons: i really wanted a new hat, i’ve been wearing my old pom pom beret all winter and really wanted a new and more colourful one. i completed this new beret last night at around one a.m., washed it and blocked it using a plate, put it on a towel next to the radiator and this morning… ta da! it was ready to wear! thanks to malin for taking the pictures during our lunch break today.

new hat and new scarf
selbu modern beret

pattern: selbu modern from kelbourne woolen mills
design: kate gagnon osborn
yarn: hoelfeldt lund spelsau, 2-ply wool
yarn source: knitting class at hv-skolan (both colourways were temporary and not a part of their regular colour range)
needles: 2,0 mm dpns and 2,75 mm circular (used the magic loop technique)
started: january 2011
finished: january 2011
modifications: none

selbu modern
brightly coloured hat

the pattern was easy to follow and it was a very enjoyable knit. i’m very happy with the result, i think the colours are wonderful and the pattern is very beautiful. i like the yarn very much also, it’s pleasant ot knit with. i’m not very sensitive to scratchy wool, but this does itch just a little, but not enough to bother me.

selbu modern
new hat on a sunny day in stockholm

i still have quite a lot of yarn left, i might knit a pair of matching mittens. but probably not this winter.

selbu modern

you might spot my cecily scarf in the first photo, i do have some photos of it now, but i’ll tell you more about that later on.

happy knitting!

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deep red and teal

i managed to take some photos of my selbu modern during my lunch break a few days ago. i’m posting them now mainly to show you the colours. however, the photos turned out rather dark despite placing my knitting in the window. i’ve progressed quite a bit since, though. i’ll try to get a new photo next week.

selbu modern
deep red and teal

selbu modern
sometimes i knit a few rows during my lunch break

happy knitting!

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the darkness

winter in sweden means few hours of daylight. i really don’t mind it at all, except that this makes me a poor blogger. there are simply not enought opportunities for me to take photographs of knitting related things. and i don’t like posting without pictures. i’ve actually already finished cecily but haven’t been able to properly document it the way i want to. i did manage to take one photo last week after i blocked it, but it’s just a photo to show you the stitch details:

cecily halsduk detalj
detail of the cecily scarf

i have also cast on for a new hat, selbu modern by kate gagnon osborn, in two lovely colours, dark red and turqoise, but i don’t have any photos to show you. yet. two of my sweet nephews have put in an order for some hand knitting goods; two pairs of mittens and one hat! I feel really excited about this. and honoured! i mean, they’re 15 years old and they want their aunt to knit for them! i will of course cast aside all other knitting projects and begin theirs immediately!  i already have most of the yarn for their projects, but i did need to make one addition:

visjö från östergötlands ullspinneri
red visjö wool

i went to anntorps väv during my lunch break to buy some red visjö. i also managed to take a photo of it at the same time. in daylight!

well, that’s all i have for you right now. happy knitting!

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my last finished project from 2010 are the lozenge socks! i begun this project in 2007, but wasn’t satisfied with it (turned out too tight) and it’s been hanging around my wip’s for a looong time. i decided to do some frogging and then re-knitting with larger sized needles. they’re still too tight around the calf for me, but they fit stefan!

Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern
new socks for stefan

pattern: gentleman’s socks with lozenge pattern from knitting vintage socks
design: nancy bush, modification of vintage pattern from 1895
yarn: baby og hosegarn from løve garn
yarn source: nysta
needles: 2,5 mm
started: 2007
finished: december 2010
modifications: none

i really liked knitting these socks, they were a quick knit despite the 2,5 mm needles. the pattern is really easy to follow, i had no problem with it at all. i look forward to knitting another pair from the book, there are so many lovely socks in it.

Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern
i really like the fake seam at the back

Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern

Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern
heel detail

i’m very satisfied with these socks and stefan really likes them too. a successful project! the only down side is the yarn. it’s not very nice to knit with at all. but the knitted up fabric is quite nice. however, i will not add any more of this yarn to my stash.

happy knitting!

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i meant to post a long time ago and i now have a huge backlog of things i want to tell you about! but i’ve had a bad cold, and during the holidays i kept away from the computer and have spent a large part of my vacation knitting and watching being glued to british period drama on the telly (emma, cranford, desperate romantics, house of eliott and lark rise to candleford). not a bad way to spend the holidays! but first things first.

i want to begin by saying that this winter has been absolutely wonderful so far, we’ve had lots and lots of snow and frost and it’s been really cold. i love it! the weather’s a lot more mild today, around zero degrees, so it’s rather wet and dismal. i don’t like it. and it might even rain this weekend – horrible! but it looks like colder weather is on the way and we might have snow next week, looking forward to that!

christmas started with a trip to tallinn, estonia, with some of my wonderful knit sibs: heléne, erika and marika. the occation was not just the fact that tallinn is well known for its wonderful knitwear, the trip was also a birthday present for heléne.

we visited no less than two christmas markets, the wall of knitting, the “handy craft” market and two craft stores. we had a wonderful lunch which included sauerkraut (oh, joy!), we also had mulled wine at the market square. the old town in tallinn is really beautiful. covered in snow it was magical! it snowed continuously, and i walked trudged around in the snow with a silly smile on my face all day. but i’ll let the pictures do the talking:

christmas market in tallinn
first christmas market we visited, not very far from the harbour

i immediately bought a new pair of mittens!

erika and a lot of snow

handicraft house
happy knitters in the snow

marika with mulled wine and her beautiful stjärnhop shawl

beautiful tallinn!

christmas market
back at the first market whilst heading back to the boat

erika needs a warm drink
erika needed some coffee

naturally, i bought yarn:

red wool
red wool

knitting books:

knitting books and leaflets

but also a lot of lovely handknits:

estonian handknitted socks
socks, i wear them all the time, they look great with my black winter boots

leg warmers
colourful leg warmers

estonian handknitted mittens
and mittens of course!

all in all, i had a wonderful time, and i think heléne and the others did, too. a perfect day!

happy knitting!

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