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this is actually my first 2011 fo, but i haven’t gotten around to taking some decent photos of it until now. it’s a very simple scarf in a knit and purl pattern in grey wool that i traded with a ravelry friend from riga. the pattern is inspired by a film from 1985, the shooting party, starring, amongst others, james mason and john gielgud. the story takes place in the english countryside in 1913 and one of the main characters, cecily, has a long grey knitted scarf that inspired me to knit a similar one.

cecily scarf
cecily scarf in grey wool

pattern: inspired by a scarf in the film the shooting party
design: me
yarn: sia limbažu tīne, used some left over hifa 2 ullgarn for the fringe
yarn source: traded with a ravelry friend in riga
needles: 3 mm
started: august 2010
finished: january 2011

cecily scarf
another grey scarf

happy knitting!

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