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glorious november!

no, i’m not being ironic, i really do love this time of year. the rain is pouring down outside, the wind is blowing, most trees have lost their leaves, it gets dark really early… all these things makes it wonderful to stay indoors!

that means that i have time to:


made from mum’s recipe

explore ravelry and listen to spotify whilst wating for the bread to bake in the oven


knit, of course!

back of slip over
progress, now with different size knitting needles

and cuddle sleepy cats

fritz and laban

can life get any better?

just a short while ago, our balcony looked like this:

my halloween pumpkins
my halloween pumpkins

and now it looks like this:

winter lights

thank you everyone for your nice comments on my tea time cardigan! you are all so sweet!

happy knitting!

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a week ago i cast on for a slipover (vest) in a lovely brown shetland yarn by bc garn. i made a swatch, like i always do, washed it and blocked it to be sure that the finished thing would be the exact right size. so far so good. the thing is that quite often my gauge changes while knitting. it gets looser. it’s as if my hands start to relax after while and then my knitting gets looser. this is really not a good thing if you want your knitted clothes to come out in the intended size. i started out with 52,5 cm at the beginning of the back piece, and after a while, the width of my knitting now measures 55 cm. i was supposed to have 24 stitches to 10 cm, and it’s now 23 stitches to 10 cm. that doesn’t sound like it would make such a huge difference, but it does. it’s made the back piece 2,5 cm (1 inch) wider that it’s supposed to be. terribly annoying. no choice but to start ripping…

anyway, i hope it will turn out nice in the end. here’s what i’m aiming at:


argyle slipover
argyll slipover for stefan

and this is what it looks like when i’m trying to figure out my gauge:


checking my gauge
checking my gauge

i have a finished object, by the way, i’ll try to take some photos of it later today.

happy knitting!

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