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old timey knitting

there’s been a total inflation in the word vintage these last four or five years here in sweden, and personally i’m quite fed up with the term. what was previously called used or second hand is now vintage. vintage this and vintage that. sigh… however, i’m still totally insane about fashion history and collect patterns (both sewing and knitting) from the general period between 1920 and 1965. i’ve recently added some new books to my collection:

knitting books
knitting books with old patterns

the one on the left, klassisk stickning, is the translated version of vintage knitware for modern knitters by lise-lotte lystrup. there are quite a lot of nice patterns that i would love to try. however, i do suspect that the translation isn’t all that great, for instance the term “4-ply” is translated literally. not so good. but the rest might be alright, i hope. the one in the middle is the rolls royce of knitting books with vintage (aarggh, i said it!) patterns, a stitch in time. it contains almost 60 patterns from the 20’s to 40’s, both the original ones, unedited, and “translated” versions with modern yarns and several sizes for contemporary bodies. it’s a real coffee table book, large with lovely, stylish colour photographs. a true source of inspiration for any knitter! the book on the right, stickat och virkat – vintage på svenska, does not contain any old patterns at all, but they’re inspired by the fashion of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. mainy 50’s i would say. i love the photos, they’re funny and charming, but the knitware isn’t all that exciting. unfortunately the designer have chosen to work with quite thick yarn, and some of the garments doesn’t fit the models. but it’s a sweet book that i find inspirational in a sense even though i don’t think i’ll knit any of the projects. my friend eva has reviewed these books on her style blog (in swedish), i recommend that you take a look.

i’ve finished the body part of the hourglass jumper, knitting on 5 mm needles really makes this a quick project! this time around i’m also omitting changing skeins every two or three rounds, since that is so… boring, and i’m now really enjoying the effect of the different skeins:

hourglass jumper
hourglass jumper in different shades of blue

there’s one potentially big problem with this jumper. i obviously didn’t pay attention when i first cast on. i accidentally cast on for one size larger than i had intended. oops. so, everything points to that the hourglass jumper that was too tight will now turn into the hourglass jumper that is too loose. oh, well, that might be nice? and i’m not frogging the bleeding thing again! if it ends up too too big, i’ll gently full it. that sounds like a good idea, right? ahem.

to be continued…

oh, and i’ve also made some really tasty rhubarb buns! they turned out so well i just had to take a picture and show you:

sunday baking

baking during a heatwave is probably not very intelligent, but i brough home a lot of rhubarbs from my mum’s garden and felt like baking, so…

happy knitting!

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glorious november!

no, i’m not being ironic, i really do love this time of year. the rain is pouring down outside, the wind is blowing, most trees have lost their leaves, it gets dark really early… all these things makes it wonderful to stay indoors!

that means that i have time to:


made from mum’s recipe

explore ravelry and listen to spotify whilst wating for the bread to bake in the oven


knit, of course!

back of slip over
progress, now with different size knitting needles

and cuddle sleepy cats

fritz and laban

can life get any better?

just a short while ago, our balcony looked like this:

my halloween pumpkins
my halloween pumpkins

and now it looks like this:

winter lights

thank you everyone for your nice comments on my tea time cardigan! you are all so sweet!

happy knitting!

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about two years ago, i started knitting a slipover based on a vintage pattern from 1946. i decided to call it gosford park, because it reminded me of the stylish clothes worn in the movie. it was a simple knit and purl pattern. but it just wouldn’t work out. i wasn’t happy with the structure, i was indecisive on the shape and struggled with the depth of the v-neck that i wanted to add. i think i’ve frogged it and re-knit it more than four times so far. it’s been out in the cold for quite some time. but a few weeks back i felt like picking it up again.

what I'm working on
first attempt

i’ve now decided to knit it completely in stocking stitch, which does more justice to the yarn, a beautiful heather coloured wool yarn from morjärv ullspinneri (unfortunately now out of business!). i’m shaping it in the same way as my aston jumper so i’ll get a good fit. i’m also knitting it in the round which means that ‘ll eventually have to add steeks and cut it at the sleeve openings and neck. that’ll be exciting! perhaps it crazy to knit a wool garment when summer is approaching, but since i’m not a very fast knitter i suppose it might be ready just in time for autumn…

slipover in progress
so far so good…

speaking of summer, i just made my first rhubarb pie for the season! it was delicious.

mmmm… pie….

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well, it’s been a quiet week here in stockholm, my hometown… sorry, i’ve been listening too much to garrison keillor recently. or can there be too much of garrison keillor? anyway, apart from working, working, working it’s been very quiet here lately. i’ve missed out on several of my ballet and tap-dancing lessons and i’ve not been able to amount enough energy to meet with my fellow knitters at sthlm knitters’ tuesday night knitting at hurtigs konditori. perhaps next week.

but i have been knitting. i’ve spent several weeks knitting the odd row on the (seemingly) neverending fisherman’s jumper, hemingway, for stefan. i’m almost at the neck steeks now. the other week i needed a quick fix, so i knitted another one of those quick and easy hats from last minute knitted gifts.

new hat for stefan
new hat for stefan

i’ve since not been in the mood for poor hemingway, so he’s just waiting in the ufo basket at the moment. i’ve wanted to try one of the patterns in stephanie japel’s book fitted knits for a long time and decided to give it a go. i’ve only tried top-down knitting once before, perhaps you member this:

m wearing anthrolpologie inspired capelet 5
mini cardigan for myra

the problem with fitted knits, in my view, is that japel has chosen quite fat yarns, which i’m not very fond of knitting with or wearing. but, my quriosity to try something overcame my waryness. i didn’t want to go out and buy more yarn, since i have quite a lot as it is, so i initially had some trouble finding a suitable yarn. my choice fell on the white 3-ply wool from yllet that was once intended to be hemingway, but has since been discarded and no longer had a designated project. i almost never wear white, and i don’t like this particulary shade of white at all, so my plan is to dye the jumper once it’s finished.

cosy v-neck
cosy v-neck

i decided on the cosy v-neck jumper, because it’s easy, hopefully quick and well, it’s a v-neck. i wear a lot of v-neck jumpers, so the choice was easy. i ended up in bed all day yesterday due to a cold, so i spent it knitting and watching the last, yes, the very last!, episodes of gilmore girls and have made quite some progress. i’m not fantastically thrilled with the result so far, the change from knitting back and forth around the v-neck to the circular knitting below doesn’t look very good, and the stitches are rather wonky due to the large needles (5 mm! enormous!), but it’s wool, so i’m hoping for a magical transformation when blocking. but it’s fun! and quick! i really enjoy the top-down knitting and right now feel like i must convert all patterns to top-down knitting (i probably won’t, but isn’t it fun to be carried away by something?). i won’t follow the sleeve patterns, because they’re knitted back and forth, which is completely pointless to me, so i’ll knit those in the round too. i’ll probably have to go up one size in needles, though, because my tension is usually much tighter on dpns than on circulars.

oh, the baking! we had dinner guests on saturday (wine and cognac didn’t cure my cold, unfortunately) and i wanted to try a new recipe. it turned out quite well (duh, there’s chocolate in them, what can go wrong?) and i actually have two left over that i might eat later today when i’ve crawled out of bed (i love wireless internet). here are some photos from the baking and the finished product:

these turned out to very crumbly


filled with chocolate
almost finished! but they need a few hours in the fridge first

ready to eat!

well, i’ll probably sleep for a bit know, and later knit for a while if i’m up to it.

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my adventures in baking continued all through last week and most of the produce was consumed on saturday when i had some friends and my family over for my birthday. i almost forgot to take photos of all the sweet goodness before it was all eaten up.



we ate other things beside biscuits, but those photos turned out quite bad, so i see no point in publishing them here. i recieved a lot of wonderful presents (thank you everyone!), but since this a craft blog, i’ll only show you the lovely handmade ones:

hanako & valetin

meet hanoko-san and valentin! satoko has knitted the little pig called hanoko and erika has sewn the tweedy little monster called valentin. i think both will be happy in their new home!

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mondays are not my favourite day of the week, but when they end as nicely as this, how can i complain?

hemslöjden and biscuits
hemslöjden and homemade biscuits

the latest issue of one of my favourite magazines arrived today: hemslöjden. and i really felt like baking so i tried a recipe i’ve never tried before. they’re called ökensand (desert sand). the dough turned out a bit dry, but the biscuits taste wonderful! the recipe comes from the classic cookbook sju sorters kakor (swedish cakes and cookies), of course.

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for all of you swedish knitters out there: there is a new knitting community called stickning. check it out and join up! get a chance to discuss knitting with other knitters and browse photos or add you own.

i want to thank everyone for your nice comments about my new blog home. however, i cannot take credit for the nice layout, it’s a ready-made template that i’ve chosen. i plan to change the header to one of my own photos eventually.

i recieved some comments about the afternoon tea. elena: i cannot take credit for the tea cosy, it was a gift, but i do agree; it’s wonderful and i love it! lucy: yes, there’s butter on the scones! about the cheese: it’s two types of very common swedish cheese (cheese = ost in swedish), prästost and grevé i think. having scones and tea is fairly common in sweden, i don’t know about the rest of scandinavia though. but we usually make the scones into larger round “cakes” that we cut into quarters and then divide them in the middle. i prefer to make them into small buns, using a glass to “stamp” them out of the dough.

the first sleeve of my hourglass sweater is almost finished, but i didn’t want to bother with a new photo yet, progress photos aren’t always that exciting… but it’s still very enjoyable to knit and the yarn is just wonderful to knit with. i can highly recommend it.

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afternoon tea

not only did i knit this weekend, i couldn’t keep myself from the larder again, and made some scones. yesterday we had afternoon tea and watched foyle’s war and listened to the pouring rain.

afternon tea
my type of sunday

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on a rainy day

saturday’s rain kept me inside. it was a perfect day for pottering about. I was in a baking mood.

banana cake
banana cake

isn’t the smell of freshly baked bread wonderful?

bread with walnuts
walnut loaf

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