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mad about yarn

no it’s not just me, lots of creative people gathered at nordiska museet (the nordic museum) yesterday for a whole day dedicated to yarn, mad about yarn. there were knitting, i-cording, spinning, embroidery and bobbin lacing. the museum’s new textile curator, anna-karin jobs arnberg,  gave a tour of the textile gallery.

mushroom dyed yarn
mushroom dyed yarn


traditional embroidery
traditional embroidery from skåne

spinning flax

bobbin lace making
lace making

hélène is demonstrating how to make an i-cord

ulrica from hjälpstickan was there

i was very impressed by all the knitted goodies people had donated to hjälpstickan, who organizes volunteer knitters who want to donate knitted tings to homeless people all over sweden. ulrica is the brains and the organizer behind the whole thing and also my class mate at hv-skolan!

nordiska museet also has a really nice café where i relaxed with my knitting and good company; marika and carin.

carin knitting
carin working those needles

happy knitting!

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time team

i’ve finished my time team inspired jumper! i’m very pleased with it, it’s very warm and soft. i think i’ll wear it a lot this winter! i call the jumper “aston” as a tribute to time team’s mick aston who often wears colourful striped jumpers in the programme.

my aston jumper
my aston jumper

Pattern: Aston
Design: Katarina Wiberg
Yarn: Visjö from Östergötlands Ullspinneri, colours Light Gray and “Ljus Karamell”
Yarn Source: Hemslöjden i Linköping
Needles: Both dpns and circulars. 2,5 mm, 3 mm, 3,5 mm and 4 mm

aston jumper from the back
back of jumper

neck detail
neck detail front

neck detail
neck detail back

detail of ribbing

the jumper is knitted from the bottom up on circular needles. sleeves are also knit from bottom up but on double pointed needles. when i’d knitted up to under the arms on all pieces, i joined on circulars and knitted up the yoke to the neck. i added some length in the back of the neck to achieve a better fit. this was done by consulting elizabeth zimmerman’s knitting without tears. i didn’t follow a pattern otherwise, i measured one of my favourite jumpers and used those measurements as my pattern. since two-colour ribbing is much firmer than a normal rib, i used 4 mm needles for the ribb at the hem and cuffs, and 3,5 mm for the neck ribbing. the body and yoke is knitted with 2,5 circulars and the sleeves on 3 mm dpns. the reasons for the discrepancy in needle size between body and sleeves is simply because my “circular” gauge differs a lot from my “dpn” gauge.

the photos aren’t great, but it’s been very hard to take photos lately, since there’s often not enough daylight, even at noon. it’s very gray and dark out. but i’m not complaining. i like this weather.

well, now i’ll get on with some mitten knitting, i’ll show you more of that tomorrow. i have a rather bad cold at the moment, so i’m going to snuggle up in my favourite chair with my knitting, some ben & jerry and gone with the wind on tcm!

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anything and everything can inspire creativity. i happened to visit linköping the other day and took some time to visit hemslöjden i östergötland and garnverket (they have a shop in stockholm, too). a new aquaintance from ravelry, ulrika, who lives in linköping was kind enough to giude me to these lovely nests of inspiration. i bought six hanks of yarn at hemslöjden. the yarn is visjö from östergötlands ullspinneri. it’s 100% wool, 2-ply (and i really mean that it’s plied with two strands of yarn!) and it is soft beyond belief.

visjö från östergötlands ullspinneri
visjö yarn from östergötlands ullspinneri

if i didn’t know better, i would say it feels as a mix of angora and the softest lambs wool. östergötlands ullspinneri only uses wool from swedish sheep and i would love to visit their mill sometime.

i didn’t just buy this yarn at random, i have a plan. one of my favoutite tv programmes is the british channel 4 production time team (if you don’t know it, follow the link to their official website). i studied archaeology in the middle of the 90’s and i have worked as an antiquarian at the national museum of antiquities in stockholm as well as at the national heritage board, also in stockholm. but i never got the opportunity to work as a field archaeologist. i regret this very much. i suppose that one of the reasons for my undying love for time team is that i, in a very unrealistic way, get to experience field archaeology. unrealistic because a normal excavation isn’t executed over a three day period and the resources they have for the program isn’t always available on a normal excavation. the other reason i love the show is the people that are in it. mick aston, who in general is in charge of the excavations on time team, almost always sports very colourfully striped handknitted jumpers. so, inspired by mick’s jumpers and as a hommage to time team, i will knit a striped jumper using my newly purchased yarn.

mick aston in stripey jumper no 1

Mick Aston
mick aston in stripey jumper no 2

music has always been important to me, and i like going to concerts and gigs. a few weeks back i saw alison krauss and robert plant at hovet in stockholm. they were touring with the music from their album raising sand.

alison krauss & robert plant på hovet
alison krauss and robert plant in stockholm

yesterday i experienced some zydeco madness with evil emil & the king kongo cobras on a joint gig with the old timey band rockridge brothers at stampen in stockholm.

evil emil & the king kongo kobras på stampen
evil emil & the king kongo cobras

rockridge brothers på stampen
rockridge brothers

i cannot say that either experience will result in a hand knitted garment, but i find it very inspirational to listen to people who love what they’re doing and doing what they love. it means that we can all do it if we put our minds to it and that we can find inspiration in anything and everything.

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i haven’t had time to browse blogs, etsy and ravelry and other sources of creativity and inspiration lately, but the other day i took some time to do just that. i was almost overwhelmed by all the lovely things people out there are creating. after reading lolly’s blog i got a terrible urge to start weaving. wee wonderfuls is always a huge source of inspiration to me. i always turn to stickigt for inspirational and fun reading regarding knitting and what it can do to you. marias garnhändelser always impress me with the speed of finishing projects and trying out interesting patterns. no one makes me want to redecorate and finish all the loose ends regarding my apartment projects more than mina nystan. reading about all the projects going on over at smått och gott always get me in a good mood. brooklyntweed‘s beautiful knitting and photography always makes my jaw drop.

this is just a handful of all of those wonderful and inspirational blogs out there that i enjoy very much, but i took this opportunity to say thank you to some of them for being a source of inspiration to me. sweet lucy over at zebraknits recently gave me the “you make my day” award, so i’m passing it along to the above mentioned bloggers.

here’s what the “you make my day” award is all about:

give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. beware! you may get the award several times!

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my corner of the internet dedicated to creativity

here’s where we’ll talk about knitting, sewing, crafting, baking and other things that I like

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