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argyll vest

i have another fo! a friend of mine has this philosophy: when you finish one project, you’re allowed to start two new ones! a philisophy to my taste, indeed. however, i’ve finished three projects recently; the hourglass jumper, a scarf and a vest, but i’ve only cast on for one new project since (more about that in a later post). which means that i’ve five to go! isn’t that wonderful?

i’m very happy with the vest (or slipover as we call them in sweden). it’s my first intarsia knitting project. the intarsia bit was somewhat fiddly at first, but after a while i quite enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind another project using that technique. the only drawback i guess is that it’s difficult (but not impossible, according to elizabeth zimmerman) to knit intarsia in the round.

argyle slipover
argyle slipover

pattern: argyll vest from men’s knits: a new direction
design: erika knight
yarn: bc shetlandsuld (shetland wool)
yarn source: marias garn
needles: 2,75 mm and 3,25 mm
started: november 2009
finished: september 2010
modifications: my gauge was quite different from the pattern gauge which means that i had to recalculate all measuments and number of stitches, but i haven’t made any real modifications to the construction of the pattern

argyle slipover
stefan looking casual in his new slipover

well, i haven’t much to say about this other that recalculating a pattern to a different gauge is no picnic and i won’t do it again in a hurry. but now it’s finished and i’m really happy with the result. and more importantly, stefan is happy with it and he’s the one who have to wear it. it fits really well and the colours he chose look very nice together.

argyle slipover
looks nice with tie from scotland

happy knitting!

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