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on an impulse, i decided to try to finish this old thing instead of buying new yarn for a summer project. i started this cardigan in june 2005, so if i finish it soon, it will only have taken me six years! and i’m really looking forward to wearing it! does this mean that i am totally unaware of current fashion or that the design is timeless? i’m going with timeless design.

there was even a kal for this wrap/cardigan way back when that i joined with great enthusiasm. experience has since taught me not to join knit-a-longs since they are the kiss of death for my knitting projects. join a kal and loose all enthusiasm! don’t misunderstand me  – they’re great – but they don’t work for me.

anyway, i found a finished back, a finished right front and the beginnings of a left front in an old knitting bag and decided to give it another go. luckily, i’d scribbled all my project notes into the book, so it was easy just to pick it up where i’d left off. the tricky thing is always gauge of course, my gauge tend to change from day to day, but so far it looks ok.

lucky clover lace wrap
the colour is a bit off in this photo

i only have a few cm left on the second sleeve and a veeeery long neckband to knit and after that it’s time to block! my goal is to finish the whole thing by the end of the week. i have no idea if it will actually fit in the end. i guess we’ll see!

lucky clover lace wrap
i have more finished pieces that these now

i actually have a bunch of fo’s that i haven’t blogged, i’ll try to remedy that soon.

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