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winter wonderland

i’ve had an almost computer-free holiday – lovely! but now work has started again, and i look forward to do some blogging again. i’ve had a wonderful christmas holiday, the best one in years. and we’ve had the most glorious winter weather, also the best in years! lots of snow and very cold, the temperature has been below freezing for weeks, here in stockholm we’ve had between -20 and -10 almost the whole of his period. absolutely glorious!

just in time for this cold weather finished a cowl, that i’ve been using daily since, it’s been very useful!

me at skansen
cosy cowl

patter: my own
design: me
yarn: erstorpsgarn (discontinued)
yarn source: craftshop at fjäderholmarna
needles: 7 mm circular

the photo above was taken at skansen during their annual christmas market on december 5th 2009. the snow hadn’t arrived yet then, but it did soon after. it’s been so cold lately that i’ve combined the new cown with my old birch shawl:

my knitting protects me from the cold

I’ve made quite a lot of progress on the argyll slipover, the back is finished, and i’ve knitted about 15 cm on the front. the intarsia part was a bit fiddly at first, and i wasn’t altogether pleased with how it came out. it looks much better now though. and any unevenness will probably be sorted out in the blocking process. i started out using plastic tool for my bobbins, but they just made it even more fiddly and they mad everyhting a tangly mess.

intarsia knitting is fiddly
total mess

so i chucked the bobbin thingies and just wound the yarn into bobbins instead. they still do get a bit tangled, but it’s not as bad as before.

i’ve started a new rather big project also, but i’ll tell you about that later. i’ll leave you with some photos of my christmas holiday:



frozen apples
sugar frozen apples

happy new year!
happy new year!

happy knitting!

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