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my last finished project from 2010 are the lozenge socks! i begun this project in 2007, but wasn’t satisfied with it (turned out too tight) and it’s been hanging around my wip’s for a looong time. i decided to do some frogging and then re-knitting with larger sized needles. they’re still too tight around the calf for me, but they fit stefan!

Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern
new socks for stefan

pattern: gentleman’s socks with lozenge pattern from knitting vintage socks
design: nancy bush, modification of vintage pattern from 1895
yarn: baby og hosegarn from løve garn
yarn source: nysta
needles: 2,5 mm
started: 2007
finished: december 2010
modifications: none

i really liked knitting these socks, they were a quick knit despite the 2,5 mm needles. the pattern is really easy to follow, i had no problem with it at all. i look forward to knitting another pair from the book, there are so many lovely socks in it.

Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern
i really like the fake seam at the back

Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern

Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern
heel detail

i’m very satisfied with these socks and stefan really likes them too. a successful project! the only down side is the yarn. it’s not very nice to knit with at all. but the knitted up fabric is quite nice. however, i will not add any more of this yarn to my stash.

happy knitting!

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lately my mind has been occupied by thoughs on aran, guernsey and fair isle knitting. i came to the conclusion that i don’t have enough knitting books on the subject. but that was easy to remedy and now i have enhanced my knitting library with these lovely tomes:

new knitting books
newest additions

you remember what i said about finishing one project and how that can lead to starting new ones? well, i did start one new, but i wasn’t very happy with the preliminary result (below)…

an attempt
lovely yarn…

…but the decreases are ugly!

…so i frogged it. being careful not to repeat a previous mistake, i washed and stretched the yarn after ripping and now it’s as good as new!

i’ve left it alone for now, i need to ponder for a bit before i decide what to do with it next. try the same pattern, but differently? try another pattern? we’ll see, i’ll get back to you on that. what i have done, though, is revived two old projects! the first is the gosford park slipover. i’m knitting it in the round, with steeks, and i’ve actually made quite a lot of progress on it! i hope it will turn out nice, the yarn is lovely to knit with and i’m growing more and more fond of that beautiful heathery colour.

gosford park slipover

the other project is a pair of socks that i begun ages ago. it’s the gentleman’s lozenge socks by nancy bush published in knitting vintage socks. i’d used 2 mm needles and although the yarn is lovely at the tension that gives, the socks actually turnes out to be too tight. so i frogged the one i had started and re-cast on with 2,5 mm dpns instead. i didn’t wash and stretch the yarn, but i’m fairly confident it will be alright, it’s only socks anyway.

starting over on the lozenge socks

my cecily scarf is also coming along, i bring it with me wherever i go and whenever i have a few minutes to spare, i work a few rows.

happy knitting!

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