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well, there is a jumper. a rather sad looking jumper. and a sad story.

it all started with very nice blue yarn and a nice looking pattern. i think the knitter might have had the right gauge at one point, but alas, the poor jumper turned out too small and was rejected. it was angrily bundled up at the bottom of the drawer. after several years a thought appeared. “what a shame – the yarn was nice and the pattern was nice. let’s give it another go.” the jumper was ripped out and new knitting needles was brought out of the basket. it all sounds very nice, but i’m sorry children, this is not a happy story. two fatal mistakes were made. the first was this: the ripped yarn was not washed and stretched and looked like very much like tangled wires from an old-fashioned telephone. the second mistake was that the knitter was sloppy and over-confident and didn’t read the pattern in the book properly and therefore accidentally cast on the number of stitches intended for a much larger jumper. the knitter also thought “the sleeves were too short the last time, i’ll make them a lot longer this time – long sleeves are nice!”

the yarn turned into a jumper for the second time. this time the jumper was very much too big. the knitter was ashamed. had she not learned anything? hadn’t she been knitting for many years now? if there is a dream jumper; this clearly was not it.

but there is a silver lining to every cloud. fortunately, the knitter has a very tall and slender friend who doesn’t mind a far from perfect jumper. a jumper with very long sleeves and an enormous opening for the head, but also a jumper to cuddle up in when it’s cold outside. the jumper found a new home with someone who appreciates it and the knitter will never make those mistakes again. hopefully.

houglass, take two
a very large jumper

pattern: hourglass sweater from last minute knitted gifts
design: joelle hoverson
yarn: araucania nature wool
yarn source: nysta
needles: 5 mm

detail of the hourglass jumper
detail of raglan decreases

perhaps not the happiest of endings, but not the saddest either.

happy knitting!

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old timey knitting

there’s been a total inflation in the word vintage these last four or five years here in sweden, and personally i’m quite fed up with the term. what was previously called used or second hand is now vintage. vintage this and vintage that. sigh… however, i’m still totally insane about fashion history and collect patterns (both sewing and knitting) from the general period between 1920 and 1965. i’ve recently added some new books to my collection:

knitting books
knitting books with old patterns

the one on the left, klassisk stickning, is the translated version of vintage knitware for modern knitters by lise-lotte lystrup. there are quite a lot of nice patterns that i would love to try. however, i do suspect that the translation isn’t all that great, for instance the term “4-ply” is translated literally. not so good. but the rest might be alright, i hope. the one in the middle is the rolls royce of knitting books with vintage (aarggh, i said it!) patterns, a stitch in time. it contains almost 60 patterns from the 20’s to 40’s, both the original ones, unedited, and “translated” versions with modern yarns and several sizes for contemporary bodies. it’s a real coffee table book, large with lovely, stylish colour photographs. a true source of inspiration for any knitter! the book on the right, stickat och virkat – vintage på svenska, does not contain any old patterns at all, but they’re inspired by the fashion of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. mainy 50’s i would say. i love the photos, they’re funny and charming, but the knitware isn’t all that exciting. unfortunately the designer have chosen to work with quite thick yarn, and some of the garments doesn’t fit the models. but it’s a sweet book that i find inspirational in a sense even though i don’t think i’ll knit any of the projects. my friend eva has reviewed these books on her style blog (in swedish), i recommend that you take a look.

i’ve finished the body part of the hourglass jumper, knitting on 5 mm needles really makes this a quick project! this time around i’m also omitting changing skeins every two or three rounds, since that is so… boring, and i’m now really enjoying the effect of the different skeins:

hourglass jumper
hourglass jumper in different shades of blue

there’s one potentially big problem with this jumper. i obviously didn’t pay attention when i first cast on. i accidentally cast on for one size larger than i had intended. oops. so, everything points to that the hourglass jumper that was too tight will now turn into the hourglass jumper that is too loose. oh, well, that might be nice? and i’m not frogging the bleeding thing again! if it ends up too too big, i’ll gently full it. that sounds like a good idea, right? ahem.

to be continued…

oh, and i’ve also made some really tasty rhubarb buns! they turned out so well i just had to take a picture and show you:

sunday baking

baking during a heatwave is probably not very intelligent, but i brough home a lot of rhubarbs from my mum’s garden and felt like baking, so…

happy knitting!

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winter really seems like eons ago now that summer has arrived with a vengeance. it close to 24 degrees outside, the sky is bright blue and the lazy cats are enjoying the shade on the balcony. the new balcony, i should add, since one of the reasons for my blogging (and knitting) absence has been that we have moved. from a very nice flat to an even nicer one! this one has a wood burning fire place (not lit now, obviously) and an extra room for all of my knitting and sewing and generally crafty stuff! i just love it here! there’s still a lot of stuff that we have to do in our new home, and we’ll be using most of our summer vacation for putting up wallpaper, painting and putting up new shelves (and boy, do we need them!). but we’ve basically settled in, which has brought my inspiration back.

the other day i had the desperate urge to knit, and knit something simple. i remembered my old hourglass jumper (from last minute knitted gifts) which i almost never use because it turned out too tight, and there are also a few mistakes in the neck decreases. well, it’s a shame to let good yarn to go waste, so i frogged it! and i’ve now started over with larger needles and a larger size. my idea for this jumper was always that i wanted it to be slightly too big and something for me to snuggle up in during autumn or even on a late, chilly summer evening. well, my first take on it didn’t fit the bill. but i have great hopes for it this time.

but first! i haven’t shown you the finished bloody stupid johnson hat, so here it is:

bloody stupid johnson! no, the hat!

pattern: bloody stupid johnson from knitty winter 2007
design: sarah lilly
yarn: la droguerie alpaga (yarn used double throughout)
yarn source: la droguerie in paris
needles: dpns 3,5 and 4,0

a fun and enjoyable knit that turned into a warm and cozy hat with a very nice design.

and here’s a photo of my new take on the hourglass jumper:

a new hourglass jumper in the making
hourglass, take two

as you can see i have not bothered with washing the frogged wool and stretching it, hence the curly yarn and somewhat bubbly jumper. i will of course block the jumper once it’s finished, and the bubblyness (?) doesn’t bother me.

i have to show you the new home for my yarn basket!

yarn basket in front of fireplace
yarn basket in front of fireplace

happy knitting!

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