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hugin & munin

winter arrived early this year. good luck i’ve just finished a pair of mittens!

mittens in the snow
hugin and munin are odin’s ravens

they’re actually rather big, but if it gets really cold i can wear another pair of mittens under these ones. or i’ll give them to someone with bigger hands than i have.

hugin and munin mittens
i almost prefer the palm of the mitten

pattern: hugin & munin or annemor #5 from selbuvotter: biography of a knitting tradition by terri shea
design: traditional, collected mitten by annemor sundbø
yarn: rauma 3tr. strikkegarn
yarn source: bought at selbu workshop with annemor sundbø
needles: 3 mm
started: october 2010
finished: december 2010
modifications: my cuffs are striped instead of checkered

last week i met eva at the knitting café at the nordic museum, and she was also knitting a pair of hugin and munin mittens, but with inverted colours!

inverted mittens
inverted mittens

happy knitting!

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birds and bag

the class on selbuvotter last week was very good and interesting! we didn’t just knit we did some embroidery as well. i’ll probably get back to you on that later. anyway, we begun a pair of mittens of course! the first one will soon be completed:

selbu mitten called hugin & munin

yesterday morning i recieved a present! it was supposed to be a christmas present from my husband, but sometimes he gets so excited about giving presents that he just can’t wait, it’s so sweet. it’s a tote for my knitting, of course!

keeep calm and carry yarn
yes, why do anything else?

for those of you who do not recognise it, it’s a pun on the old morale boosting slogan from ww2; keep calm and carry on (read about it here and here). as a knitter and a bit obsessed about that period in modern history, it was the perfect gift. he knows that, of course. and you keep calm by carrying yarn, right?

happy knitting!

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