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log cabin socks

some things take a long time to finish. like the green cotton cardigan i finished this summer, for instance. these socks weren’t on the needles quite as long as the cardi, but still, it took me about three and a half years to finish them. sometimes it takes me a while to blog stuff too. more than seven months, actually. anyway, here they are!

log cabin socks
log cabin socks

pattern: log cabin socks from handknit holidays
design: anne woodbury
yarn: ragsokgarn from løve garn
yarn source: nysta
needles: 3,75 mm dpns
modifications: none
started: october 2007
finished: march 2011

log cabin sock - no1

i kind of like them, the pattern is very beautiful. the yarn is ok, but not a favourite. all together acceptable indoor socks.

happy knitting!

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