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we’re still waiting for snow and the temperature is annoyingly high, but december is just around the corner and it really is time to wear those woolies now. i’ve been knitting quite a lot, but i haven’t finished anything since my last pair of mittens. stefan is in desperate need for a new pair of mittens too, since the fair isle gloves i knitted for him five years ago (was it really five years ago? that’s crazy!) are very worn. not beyond repair, but i’ve mended them so many times by now i’m actually rather sick of them. more fun to knit a new pair. the sauage mittens are for him. he loves sausages, so i find these very suitable! the pattern is by spillyjane (ravelry link) and i bought it at her ravelry store. i’m using a lovely, tweedy yarn called shetland 4-ply from a company called harris tweed textiles, but it’s made by carloway mills on the isle of lewis. a bit confusing but it’s still a very nice yarn. i bought many years ago from my friend tove, who in turn had bought it online, i don’t know from where.

i’m making some modifications, adding thumb gusset, making them fingerless gloves with a top flap. for easy access to the display on stefans iphone, of course.

wurst mitten
mittens with thumb gusset and the beginning of fingers

i’ve also begun a new hart for myself. this project was initiated at my class at hv-skolan where we last time explored the knitting traditions from halland. the colours are very intense and i would never wear any of them seperately in any garment, but combining them like this i rather like it.

binge hat
traditional pattern from halland

the yarn is huldra, from hifa, a yarn from norway. it’s incredibly soft and nice to work with. but not soft in a “bad” way, not like merino, it still feels very wooly. just not as scratchy as the yarns i tend to use normally. i know i’ll use this yarn for many other projects. socks, perhaps? if one reinforces the heels and toes, it might work just fine. it certainly is fine enough.

i’ve also made some progress on my manu cardigan, i actually enjoy plain stocking stitch a lot. especially when working on other patterned projects at the same time, it’s good to have different things to alternate between. i can knit on my cardigan on the bus without having to check the pattern.

manu cardigan
manu cardigan

instead if the provisional cast on, i made a crocheted cast on. the garter stitch egde is very floppy and loose, and i wonder if i should have used a smaller size needle. i love the yarn, this was also bought from a friend, karin, who had purchased it from a yarn shop in stockholm which is now closed, gunga din. it’s a rather scratchy, plied wool yarn in a colour that is almost impossible to catch on camera. it looks different all the time, mainly depending on the light. it’s actually a warm heathery purple-pink, but it mostly looks like ground meat when photographed. or a much deeper and colder purple as in the photo above. anyway, i’ve heard that the yarn sold at gunga din was in fact from morjärv woolen mill (sadly closed now) but that the shop proprietor changed the labels on the yarn she sold… i don’t know if it’s true, but i’ve compared it with other morjäv yarns and similarity is striking.

i’m at home today, not because i’m ill or anything, but because i have a two-day vacation! what’s the occasion? we have a new family member! meet vincent!

vincent, our new family member

this wonderful little kitten moved in with us two days ago, and now i’m staying at home for two days (stefan will be at home the rest of the week) to make sure that he gets on alright and espacially to see how he and laban are getting on. there was some tension and hissing at first, but now they’re mostly curious. they haven’t played together yet, but i think they’re getting there.

he is of course named after tim burton’s stop motion animated character, vincent, who wants to be like vincent price.

tim burton’s vincent (1982)

by the way, if any of you haven’t noticed that november is wovember, i suggest you get informed right now! more about it here.

happy knitting!

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another pair of mittens are in progress! these are not traditional at all, spillyjane has designed loads of quirky knits, and i particularily fell for her sausage mittens wurst.

i’ve made a different cuff and added a thumb wedge.

the yarn is of a tweedy type spun on the isle of lewis.

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the island of gotland, in the middle of the baltic sea, has a rich heritage of knitting patterns and traditions. it’s also an island that has special meaning to me having spent many summers there. my great grandfather came from gotland i still have distant relatives there. the island’s main town and municipal seat, visby, is often referred to as the city of roses and if you visit her in late spring and early summer you will understand why.

Gotland mittens
roses red

pattern: gotland from 100 landskapsvantar
design: birgit lindholm (the pattern, however, is very similar to a collected pattern from the rone parish on gotland)
yarn: wool, yarn and pattern was purchased as a kit
yarn source: ringmurens hemslöjd, visby, gotland (called gotlandsros in their web shop)
modifications: the cuffs are different from the original pattern
started: september 2011
finished: october 2011

Gotland mittens
red for roses, gren for ivy and grey for stone

Gotland mittens
wool on wool

Gotland mittens
grey on grey

happy knitting!

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the very best season of all.

a friend gave me a whole box of apples from her garden

peeled apples
peeled apples

making chutney
apples, onions, sultanas, ginger and spices

knitting mittens
i’m knitting mittens while everything…

…cooks for quite a long time

apple chutney
now i have a lot of apple chutney!

log fire
and the first log fire of the season

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according to smhi (swedish meteorological and hydrological institute) autumn normally arrives in the stockholm area on october first (the meteorological definition of autumn is when the average temperature during one day and night is below 10 degrees celsius). this year, it was late and only arrived yesterday. a few weeks ago, i thought it a good idea to prepare.

Gotland mittens
new mittens in progress!

my dear husband bought me a yarn and pattern kit last spring when he visited visby on gotland.

what better way to celebrate the arrival of autumn than with a new pair of mittens! i’ve finished one so far, and i hope to complete the pair this upcoming week. i really will need them, there really has been quite a significant drop in temperature the last couple of days.

Knitting kit
mitten kit

happy knitting!

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hugin & munin

winter arrived early this year. good luck i’ve just finished a pair of mittens!

mittens in the snow
hugin and munin are odin’s ravens

they’re actually rather big, but if it gets really cold i can wear another pair of mittens under these ones. or i’ll give them to someone with bigger hands than i have.

hugin and munin mittens
i almost prefer the palm of the mitten

pattern: hugin & munin or annemor #5 from selbuvotter: biography of a knitting tradition by terri shea
design: traditional, collected mitten by annemor sundbø
yarn: rauma 3tr. strikkegarn
yarn source: bought at selbu workshop with annemor sundbø
needles: 3 mm
started: october 2010
finished: december 2010
modifications: my cuffs are striped instead of checkered

last week i met eva at the knitting café at the nordic museum, and she was also knitting a pair of hugin and munin mittens, but with inverted colours!

inverted mittens
inverted mittens

happy knitting!

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