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mad about yarn

no it’s not just me, lots of creative people gathered at nordiska museet (the nordic museum) yesterday for a whole day dedicated to yarn, mad about yarn. there were knitting, i-cording, spinning, embroidery and bobbin lacing. the museum’s new textile curator, anna-karin jobs arnberg,  gave a tour of the textile gallery.

mushroom dyed yarn
mushroom dyed yarn


traditional embroidery
traditional embroidery from skåne

spinning flax

bobbin lace making
lace making

hélène is demonstrating how to make an i-cord

ulrica from hjälpstickan was there

i was very impressed by all the knitted goodies people had donated to hjälpstickan, who organizes volunteer knitters who want to donate knitted tings to homeless people all over sweden. ulrica is the brains and the organizer behind the whole thing and also my class mate at hv-skolan!

nordiska museet also has a really nice café where i relaxed with my knitting and good company; marika and carin.

carin knitting
carin working those needles

happy knitting!

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