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up the irons

a few weeks ago several of my knitting friends spent a wonderful weekend in the stockholm archipelago on an island called väddö. it was time for the annual stickstämma (i suppose the translation would be knitting camp or knitting symposium). i really, really wanted to participate, i’ve only ever been to one stickstämma; in 2007 when it took place in leksand. but, there was another big even on the horizon, and a girl has to make priorities. so what did i do? well, i went to the sonisphere festival, of course! it was headlined by iron maiden and missing out was not an option!

iron maiden at sonisphere stockholm

alice cooper
alice cooper, another teeage hero, was also playing

we had the worst sort of outdoor festival weather, the rain was poring down, the puddles grew rapidly and everything was covered in mud. but it was all worth it. just before maiden entered the stage it actually stopped raining and we actually started to dry up for a bit. when the lads had finished playing and everyone started to leave the area the thunder started… a real post-concert light show! lightning all around us, thunder rolling and rain so heavy we were actually wading in mid-calf water.

we stopped for a bit where the mud was a bit more shallow (where it was deeper one’s shoes were almost caught in it) and took photos:

there used to be grass here
there used to be grass here

apart from the weather, we had a great time:

stefan och jag
sometimes the rain wasn’t too bad

kaffe och munkar
we also had coffee and soggy donuts

raining, but there's still grass on the ground!
at the beginning of the day there was actually grass on the ground

small lakes forming on the plasic cover
later on it looked like this everywhere

i think i’m going to knit myself an eddie jumper…

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