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hugin & munin

winter arrived early this year. good luck i’ve just finished a pair of mittens!

mittens in the snow
hugin and munin are odin’s ravens

they’re actually rather big, but if it gets really cold i can wear another pair of mittens under these ones. or i’ll give them to someone with bigger hands than i have.

hugin and munin mittens
i almost prefer the palm of the mitten

pattern: hugin & munin or annemor #5 from selbuvotter: biography of a knitting tradition by terri shea
design: traditional, collected mitten by annemor sundbø
yarn: rauma 3tr. strikkegarn
yarn source: bought at selbu workshop with annemor sundbø
needles: 3 mm
started: october 2010
finished: december 2010
modifications: my cuffs are striped instead of checkered

last week i met eva at the knitting café at the nordic museum, and she was also knitting a pair of hugin and munin mittens, but with inverted colours!

inverted mittens
inverted mittens

happy knitting!

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i don’t buy yarn very often anymore. i have quite a lot of yarn (relatively speaking of course, you should see my friend tanja’s stash! it’s enormous. and i really do mean enormous) and quite a few unfinished projects, so i’ve tried to limit my yarn intake, so to speak. i do enjoy buying yarn when i travel somewhere. especially buying something that i can’t find in a yarn shop at home in stockholm. as far as i know, kauni is not available anywhere in stockholm, and since the store i visited in växjö (umbra) a couple of weeks ago does, i took the opportunity to buy some. but it wasn’t just shopping without a purpose; heléne is working on a lovely double knitted scarf by lucy neatby and both the pattern and the yarn inspired me!

this is the kauni i bought for the bubbles scarf

but as i was browsing ravelry the other day, i came upon another double knitted scarf! and this one had crows on it! and let’s face it, i’m not very much of a bubble person when all is said and done. crows, however – it really can’t be more suitable. and i think that my new red and black/grey kauni will make that crow scarf even more dramatic! crows it is. i’ll save the bubbles for someone who will wear them with pride. the crow scarf is designed by alasdair post-quinn and is available here (link to pdf).

and if some new kauni wool does not satisfy you, i’ve also added two skeins of 3-ply rauma wool yarn to my stash. and i didn’t even know i was going to! last week i received a thick envelope which contained said two skeins. what a wonderful surprise! but it wasn’t the yarn fairy paying a visit, i’m taking a class on sunday on knitting norwegian selbu mittens, and each participant was sent a parcel containing the yarn we are intended to use (e.g. marika, who also recieved yarn in the mail). wonderful! we were also instructed to knit a cuff beforehand so that we can get on with the mitten immediately on sunday.

i’ve finished the cuff and i’m now looking forward to the class on sunday!

happy knitting!

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