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selbu modern

sometimes i’m really desperate to finish something. mostly because i’m eager to start something new. this time it was for two reasons: i really wanted a new hat, i’ve been wearing my old pom pom beret all winter and really wanted a new and more colourful one. i completed this new beret last night at around one a.m., washed it and blocked it using a plate, put it on a towel next to the radiator and this morning… ta da! it was ready to wear! thanks to malin for taking the pictures during our lunch break today.

new hat and new scarf
selbu modern beret

pattern: selbu modern from kelbourne woolen mills
design: kate gagnon osborn
yarn: hoelfeldt lund spelsau, 2-ply wool
yarn source: knitting class at hv-skolan (both colourways were temporary and not a part of their regular colour range)
needles: 2,0 mm dpns and 2,75 mm circular (used the magic loop technique)
started: january 2011
finished: january 2011
modifications: none

selbu modern
brightly coloured hat

the pattern was easy to follow and it was a very enjoyable knit. i’m very happy with the result, i think the colours are wonderful and the pattern is very beautiful. i like the yarn very much also, it’s pleasant ot knit with. i’m not very sensitive to scratchy wool, but this does itch just a little, but not enough to bother me.

selbu modern
new hat on a sunny day in stockholm

i still have quite a lot of yarn left, i might knit a pair of matching mittens. but probably not this winter.

selbu modern

you might spot my cecily scarf in the first photo, i do have some photos of it now, but i’ll tell you more about that later on.

happy knitting!

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deep red and teal

i managed to take some photos of my selbu modern during my lunch break a few days ago. i’m posting them now mainly to show you the colours. however, the photos turned out rather dark despite placing my knitting in the window. i’ve progressed quite a bit since, though. i’ll try to get a new photo next week.

selbu modern
deep red and teal

selbu modern
sometimes i knit a few rows during my lunch break

happy knitting!

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