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Train knitting

We’re spending the yule tide away from home this year. I’m looking forward to good food, reading and… knitting, of course!

I couldn’t wait until we’ve arrived, and brought out my knitting on the train.


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i meant to post a long time ago and i now have a huge backlog of things i want to tell you about! but i’ve had a bad cold, and during the holidays i kept away from the computer and have spent a large part of my vacation knitting and watching being glued to british period drama on the telly (emma, cranford, desperate romantics, house of eliott and lark rise to candleford). not a bad way to spend the holidays! but first things first.

i want to begin by saying that this winter has been absolutely wonderful so far, we’ve had lots and lots of snow and frost and it’s been really cold. i love it! the weather’s a lot more mild today, around zero degrees, so it’s rather wet and dismal. i don’t like it. and it might even rain this weekend – horrible! but it looks like colder weather is on the way and we might have snow next week, looking forward to that!

christmas started with a trip to tallinn, estonia, with some of my wonderful knit sibs: heléne, erika and marika. the occation was not just the fact that tallinn is well known for its wonderful knitwear, the trip was also a birthday present for heléne.

we visited no less than two christmas markets, the wall of knitting, the “handy craft” market and two craft stores. we had a wonderful lunch which included sauerkraut (oh, joy!), we also had mulled wine at the market square. the old town in tallinn is really beautiful. covered in snow it was magical! it snowed continuously, and i walked trudged around in the snow with a silly smile on my face all day. but i’ll let the pictures do the talking:

christmas market in tallinn
first christmas market we visited, not very far from the harbour

i immediately bought a new pair of mittens!

erika and a lot of snow

handicraft house
happy knitters in the snow

marika with mulled wine and her beautiful stjärnhop shawl

beautiful tallinn!

christmas market
back at the first market whilst heading back to the boat

erika needs a warm drink
erika needed some coffee

naturally, i bought yarn:

red wool
red wool

knitting books:

knitting books and leaflets

but also a lot of lovely handknits:

estonian handknitted socks
socks, i wear them all the time, they look great with my black winter boots

leg warmers
colourful leg warmers

estonian handknitted mittens
and mittens of course!

all in all, i had a wonderful time, and i think heléne and the others did, too. a perfect day!

happy knitting!

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yarn experience in edinburgh

i’ve just got back from spending an extended weekend in edinburgh! we had a lovely time, lots of nice pubs and shopping  – including yarn shopping of course! i’d been recommended to pay a vist to k1 yarns on west bow street. it was a very lovely shop, and i bought a bunch of shetland spindrift (by jamieson’s of shetland) and a new yarn from the isle of harris knitwear company called hebrides 4-ply. it’s very nice and soft! i only bought two skeins in two different colours, but i foresee the need to purchase more in the future…

me in front of k1 yarns in edinburgh

and here’s the inside of the shop:

lots of nice shetland wool and other goodies!

and this is what came home with me:

scottish yarn
yarns galore!

all in all, a very nice trip and i can’t wait to return to edinburgh, it’s definitely one of my favourite places to visit!

happy knitting!

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