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trudging along

i can’t remember a time when i completely focused on one knitting project as i’ve done in the last month. well, i can remember, it was when i first started knitting in 2004. in the beginning i only bought yarn when i’d finished something and needed to start something new. i was also currently unemployed at the time and couldn’t afford to hoard. at one point i was out of pocket and out of yarn and one of my dear friends, myra, took pity on me and gave me some of her yarn. what an angel!

i used the yarn to knit a cabled hat that i gave to one of my nephews, hampus. well, hampus is seven years older now, and i still get to knit for him! and he is the reason that i’ve been so focused for quite some time now. first it was the hat, and now a pair of mittens. first mitten is almost finished, and i hope to finish the pair shortly. i’m in a bit of a hurry because i want him to be able to wear them before this winter is over. we’ve had almost spring-like weather here for a while, but now colder weather is approaching. the forecast states that it will start snowing here today, and it will remain cold for at least a few days. i’m hoping for real winter weather at least through february.

faeroe island mitten in progress

i’m using visjö from östergötlands ullspinneri, a wonderful wool yarn that is so soft and bouncy! the grey is left over from my time team jumper, however i’m quite certain that i don’t have enough for the second mitten so i might have to pop by anntorps väv again to fill up.

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the cats normally wake me up at around 8 o’clock on saturday mornings. after feeding them, i usually have a few hours to myself during which i knit and watch a movie. fritz likes to lie next to me on the sofa. this morning he used my ball of yarn as a pillow.

fritz och huvudkudden
fritz is resting his head on some visjö

after breakfast, we went to an antiques shop and bought a new (well, old, but new to us) lamp for the living room. after that we went to a neighbourhood café and had some coffe and toasted sandwiches. i brought my knitting, of course.

kaffe och stickning
coffee and knitting

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knitting for nephews

i’ve begun knitting for my nephews and i’m really excited about this! i’ve already finished a hat (bobble is still missing, but it will be completed shortly) and begun a pair of mittens. yesterday i realised that the mitten cuff was too narrow and had to rip it out, but i’ve started anew with larger needles.

mössa till hampus
cabled hat in visjö

more to come…

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the darkness

winter in sweden means few hours of daylight. i really don’t mind it at all, except that this makes me a poor blogger. there are simply not enought opportunities for me to take photographs of knitting related things. and i don’t like posting without pictures. i’ve actually already finished cecily but haven’t been able to properly document it the way i want to. i did manage to take one photo last week after i blocked it, but it’s just a photo to show you the stitch details:

cecily halsduk detalj
detail of the cecily scarf

i have also cast on for a new hat, selbu modern by kate gagnon osborn, in two lovely colours, dark red and turqoise, but i don’t have any photos to show you. yet. two of my sweet nephews have put in an order for some hand knitting goods; two pairs of mittens and one hat! I feel really excited about this. and honoured! i mean, they’re 15 years old and they want their aunt to knit for them! i will of course cast aside all other knitting projects and begin theirs immediately!  i already have most of the yarn for their projects, but i did need to make one addition:

visjö från östergötlands ullspinneri
red visjö wool

i went to anntorps väv during my lunch break to buy some red visjö. i also managed to take a photo of it at the same time. in daylight!

well, that’s all i have for you right now. happy knitting!

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