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i’m very fond of noro yarns, but i really cannot see myself wearing for instance a jumper or cardigan made entirely out of noro yarn. there are just too many colours. beautiful on many others, but i’d feel uncomfortable. i do like it in smaller doses, such as wristwarmers, hats, mittens. and that wonderful, beautiful stole from scarf style. you know which one i mean! lady eleanor entrelac stole. the original version in the book is not knit up with a noro yarn, but seeing so many noro versions of this shawl on the internet has convinced me.

and lucky me, a while back at one of nysta‘s knit cafés i picked up eleven skeins at 10% off of noro’s silk garden.

lady eleanor entrelac stole
it’s almost too beautiful for words

and an addition to my last post; here’s a picture of anna modeling my fair isle gloves

anna and the gloves
i just love this picture!

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fair isle gloves
my autumn forest gloves are finished!

pattern: “forest cross” gloves in “knitting fair isle mittens and gloves” by carol rasmussen noble
designer: wilma malcolmson
yarn: red, yellow and yellow/beige: kampes 2-ply 100% wool, green: drops alpaca colourway 7815 held double, light blue: morjärv 2-ply 100% wool
needles: 2,5 mm dpns
yarn source: all colours except light blue are from marias garn. I traded the light blue from satoko at a yarn-swap-day
finished: october 2007

this is the second pair of gloves i’ve knitted from “knitting fair isle mittens & gloves” and i will definitely knit more. right now i have plans for a pair of mittens. the instructions are fairly easy to follow, but i would say that basic knitting skills and ability to adjust the pattern to fit is required. i added two stitches to the main pattern (chart a) and one stitch to chart b which is necessary if you want chart c to come out right. it might sound a bit complicated, but if you look at the pattern it becomes obvious. the pattern in the book is the same for all gloves, you only adjust the number of stitches to fit the charts. i also added a thumb gusset based on a mix of the different gussets available with some of the other patterns.

fair isle gloves
because i’m so happy with these, i had so show another picture

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i’ve been confined to the apartment since saturday due to a horrible cold. i haven’t felt this lousy in ages. i’m feeling a little bit better now, no fever, but still gasping for air when i’m coughing. i also didn’t think it was possible to use such an enormous amounts of paper tissues. i’m out of tissues at the moment, so now i’m using up all the toilet paper instead. i still wonder at the fact that no part of my brain ends up in the paper when i blow my nose.

i was not even able to knit until tuesday, just hiding under the covers in bed. i already knew that i have the best boyfriend in the world, but sometimes i receive even more proof. on sunday, which probably was the worst day, he bought me the first season of the old addams family tv-series! he knows i love it and i almost started crying (i’m lying, i did start to cry) because i felt so miserable and because he is so kind. i’ve watched about two thirds of the episodes so far. it’s still funny. and very sweet.

the addams family
the addams family first season dvd

morticia addams was my style role model when i was in my late teens. i also had really long black hair and wore black quite a lot. once i heard someone whisper “morticia” behind my back in school, and i felt so proud and complimented. she is incredibly cool. and she knits too! in almost every episode, i’ve noticed.

morticia knitting
morticia knits a lot of jumpers for her relatives

and speaking of television, om monday afternoon i happened to catch the very first episode of gilmore girls, which i’ve continued to watch (episode four is on later this afternoon). i didn’t watch the show when it first came out, i’ve seen the odd episode here and there, but it was usually aired when i wasn’t able to catch it. and now i’m hooked. what am i going to do? it’s on at 15:15 every weekday, but i’m normally at work then, so now i’m going to miss out on the rest! oh, bother! can one rent them at the video store, do you think?

on to the knitting bits. i’ve started working on the fingers of my autumn forest glove no two, so hopefully i’ll have a finished pair really soon!

one finger in the making
autumn forest glove no 2

i’ve started the aplaca scarf, which i call maple, because i think the colours reflect all the colours of maple trees in the autumn. i’t coming along quite nicely, but i’m not giving it an awful lot of attention at the moment, since there are other things i want to finish first.

soft alpaca scarf
maple scarf

and one of those thing are of course the fisherman’s jumper for stefan, which is also coming along quite nicely, unfortunately i can’t knit more than a few rows at a time, because my hands start to hurt. it’s starting to become quite heavy and i think that causes strain on my hands. when i took it out of the bag just now to take a photo i noticed that the bleeding needle had broke! and it’s my ebony needle too! i will not repeat my profane language uttered upon this discovery.

broken needle

i’ve decided to call the fisherman’s jumper “hemingway”. why? because when stefan commisioned this jumper he said he wanted a fisherman’s jumper with a real folded polo neck, just like ones ernest hemingway used to wear. and since marika has a jumper called wittgenstein, i suppose hemingway is a fairly good name for a jumper.

jumper coming along
the hemingway jumper

i suppose he has something like this in mind:

mr hemingway

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