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goodbye, old friend

you were born at midwinter 1995.

fritz keeping me company

you used to sleep on my pillow. when you were younger you draped yourself around my head lika a halo, when you got older you had your own pillow next to mine.

"never a moments peace"
fritz on one of his favourite spots

you always loved food and ate almost anything. the thing you loved best was smoked ham. but you did also like tuna, olives, avocado, kale and dry spaghetti.


when you were younger i always had to carry you around for ten minutes whenever arrived home.

fritz & laban
two very good friends

you hated being by yourself and when you were five, laban moved in with us, and you two became really good friends.

my cuties
fritz and laban

apart from eating, you loved to sleep.

fritz sleeping
fritz sleeps in mysterious ways

you could be quite a hunter, though, once you caught a sparrow that had accidentally flewn into the apartment.

keeping lookout

you always kept us company, and liked to follow us around the apartment.

friend or foe?
fritz met totoro and the cat bus in the living room

you were an expert at sneaking onto my lap without me noticing, you were just there all of a sudden.

fritz resting on my knitting
this is the last photo i have of fritz

in the end, your kidneys gave up.

fritz on the living room table

you died on september 23 2011.

fritz on the kitchen table

we will always miss you, old friend.

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