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wooly comfort

first, i want to say thank you for all the nice comments about my argyll vest and the striped scarf! you are all so sweet! thank you, thank you, ever so much!

after completing two wooly (and alpaca-y?) and warm projects, i really felt like starting… another one! autumn is indeed the season of grey scarves, and as if i don’t have enough of them (is that even possible?), i’ve cast on for another one.

my cecily scarf
grey wool, is there anything more wonderful?

the inspiration for this one is a scarf worn by the character cecily in the shooting party (1985).

grey scarf
cecily on the left

this is a very simple knit and purl pattern and i’m using a hank of lovely, lovely, yarn that i’ve traded with a fellow knitter at ravelry (how could i possibly live without ravelry?) i had an odd ball of rowan felted tweed left over from my helga jumper that a girl from riga was interested in, so i suggested we’d do a swap! i sent her my ball of felted tweed and she sent me a hank of lovely latvian wool. i really, really like this yarn so i might end up needing more of it… i hope there will be enough for the scarf, though, since it’s fairly narrow and there’s about 350 metres on the hank.

some more screen shots:

grey scarf
another screen shot of the scarf

grey scarf
and here’s another one

grey scarf
it’s a fairly long scarf

i must always have an easy project with me wherever i go if the opportunity to knit arrives. the other day i had some lunch on a bench in the park and afterwards i knitted for a bit whilst listening to the pillars of the earth (downloaded from audible to my ipod).

dumplings for lunch

grey scarf
and then some knitting in the sun

happy knitting!

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some projects take more time to finish then others. and not always because they’re difficult or because one isn’t happy with the result or progress, but simply because they’re… big. or long. combine that with knitting gazillion other things at the same time you might eventually end up with a scarf like this:

my maple scarf
autumn 2010 scarf

i hear you say it, why on earth knit a two metre long scarf in stocking stitch in the round on 2.5 mm needles?

well, because i wanted one.

my maple scarf
stripey scarf in autumn colours

pattern: inspired by a scarf i saw at yll o tyll in uppsala
design: well, me and yll o tyll i guess
yarn: drops alpaca
yarn source: yll o tyll
needles: 2.5 mm
started: october 2007
finished: august 2010

my maple scarf
i’ve got stripes, stripes around my shoulders

i’m calling it maple because it contains all the colours you can find in a maple leaf in autumn.

it’s also good to know that laban is always ready to help out when it comes to modelling a work in progress:

laban and scarf
laban and the scarf

happy knitting!

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