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and why does it always go by so quickly? my favourite time of the year and it just rushes by. but i’ve had a good one. lost of very, very good food, wonderful company and a lot of relaxing. as it should be. not that much knitting, though. i cast on for a pair of mittens on christmas eve, but realized later that i need to change the pattern quite a lot in order to suit my choice of yarn and needles, and therefore ripped out the whole thing and put it aside. i’ll begin later. i’ve made some progress on the fisherman’s jumper for stefan, though, the steeks now measure about 8 cm. only 14 cm to go before neck decreases!

stefan's jumper
some progress on the hemingway jumper

i also received three great knitting books for christmas: poetry in stitches by solveig hisdal, folk mittens by marcia lewandowski and men’s knits by erika knight. all of them really wonderful books that i know i will use in the future. all three were a present from my dear stefan.

christmas presents
christmas presents!

we spent christmas north of stockholm this year, and i harboured a secret hope that this might mean some snow for christmas. and it did! not lots of it, but a little. and together with the frost, it was very beautiful. here are some photos i took on christmas day when we went for a walk.

a little bit of snow on the ice
snow on the lake

someone has left tracks in the snow

a world of frost
beautiful frost

covered in frost
frosty leaves

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